Yale-NUS College
Singapore, 2023

King Dasharatha of Ayodhya plans to consecrate his beloved son, Rama, as heir. Dasharatha’s second wife, Kaikeyi, suddenly reminds the king he once promised her two boons. Kaikeyi uses her boons to demand Rama be exiled and Kaikeyi’s son, Bharata, become heir. The king vehemently resists. But in his world, promises must be honored even at the cost of one’s life. Rama is banished to Dandaka Forest with his loyal wife, Sita.

The two brothers, Bharata and Rama, embody contrasting perspectives on the theme of duty. Bharata pleads with Rama to defy the banishment, calling it “a grave injustice." But Rama accepts the order, asserting, “There is no decision to be made.” Who is to blame? What is passed from one generation to the next? How should one respond to injustice – accept or contest? To what lengths should one go to uphold an ideal?

Adapted from Valmiki and Bhasa
Director | Jonathan Vandenberg
Costumes | Theresa Chan
Lighting | Kristen Oliveiro

Dasharata | Izzul Irfan
Rama | Billy Tran
Bharata | Joshua Seow
Kaikeyi | Tinotenda Zimhunga
Sita | Tanisha Verma
Sumantra and Musician | Heng Jia Min