Center for Performance Research
New Voices in Live Performance
New York, 2014

The title derived from a book by Jean-Luc Marion interrogating the space wherein an image is experienced. He used the French term un vide, which means both “space” and “void.”

Regarding spectatorship, Marion has written, “Perspective and paradox indicate the visible entirely in its withdrawing, discretely but radically. A desert of things, where I enter, am moved, live, possibly fall, and crash upon the final frontier.”

This performance was further inspired by Francisco Goya’s etching The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, a work that depicts an entirely different kind of coming-into-presence.

Concept/Director | Jonathan Vandenberg
Costumes | Nicole Wee
Lighting | Joe Novak
Dramaturg | Erik Grathwohl
Artistic Associate | Virginia Vasquez
Curator | Ann Marie Lonsdale

Performers | Charles Baran, James Ciccarelle, Amalie Ceen, Daniel Levitt, Tazca Levitt Yaksetig