Yale-NUS College
Singapore, 2022

Yukio Mishima’s Hanjo is inspired by a Noh play of the same title by Zeami Motokiyo (1363-1443). The name “Hanjo” refers to an ancient female poet who wrote of being jilted by her lover. In a poem, she called herself a “fan in autumn” because, like an unneeded fan in cold weather, she had been cast aside.

This "modern noh play" reflects both traditional Japanese dramas and Mishima’s distinctive artistic voice. In particular, play's exploration of wilful delusion may be even more timely than when it premiered in 1955.

Playwright | Yukio Mishima
Director | Jonathan Vandenberg
Costumes | Leonard Choo

Jitsuko | Maiya Murphy
Hanako | Kristen Oliveiro
Yoshio | Joshua Seow
Jiutai | Kazuto Nakano