Mabou Mines
Mabou Mines/Suite, P.S. 122
New York, 2013

A secular confrontation with a pillar of Western culture: the Judeo-Christian tradition. This mythology provided a unique opportunity to explore the crisis of form; the impossibility of containing what is infinite within word, image, or body. This is both a theological problem and a theatrical problem.

Bereshit. The first of three cycles of appearance and negation. Lucifer ("bringer of light"). The world as a vessel of immanence. Eve as a vessel of life. Cain, the inventor of death and mortality, yet founder of cities. Eve as the mother of humankind and Cain as its father.

Inside Solomon’s Temple, the Prophets, children, are innocent, not fully comprehending. Their actions are harbingers. An enigmatic source of light. This cycle exists in the hyphen between Judeo and Christian.

Kenosis. The infinite/divine becomes finite/mortal.

Concept/Director | Jonathan Vandenberg
Costumes | Nina Bova
Lighting | Joe Novak
Dramaturg | Erik Grathwohl
Prop Design | Sam Hill

Performers | Charles Baran, Joshua Isak, Hugo Job, Philippa Kaye, Daniel Levitt, Michael Markham, Michael Propster, Adam Roper, Shacha Temirov, Regina Vorria