Classic Stage Company
New York, 2015

The Oresteia explores reciprocal violence, transitioning from vendetta-based justice into a trial by jury system. In so doing, the trilogy explores the nature of civilization, as well as the relationship between human and divine.

The etymological source of “tragedy” is the Greek word, tragos, meaning “song of the goat.” The explanation behind this term has been lost. Its mystery is a reminder that we cannot experience Athenian tragedy as it was conceived. Thus, our investigation was driven by a question: What is a future tragic form?

This production was a new work that evolves a unique theatrical language distinct from the Western tradition of literary drama. Radicality opened up the possibility of entering a different domain.

Inspired by Aeschylus
Concept/Director | Jonathan Vandenberg
Scenic | Yu-Ting Lin, Jonathan Vandenberg
Lighting | Joe Novak
Costumes | Olivera Gajic
Dramaturg | Erik Grathwohl
Video | Andrew Lazarow, Moe Shahrooz

Performers | Samuel Caraballo, Robert Grimm, Adam Kampouris, Ioanna Katsarou, Tanner Lamanuzzi, Lauren Maykut, Nathaniel Peart, Caitlin Pereiras, Adam Roper, Kristina Siapkara